Historically small business owners have had to struggle to decide between investing in supplies and necessities or gambling their hard earned money on risky marking plans. To make money, clients and customers need to know who you are and what you can provide them, but if all the profits are spent on marketing, there is very little left to supply the business.


Wavical Web Designs caters to the individual needs of small businesses in the Delaware Valley and across the country providing a cost effective marketing solution through web design. Web sites built specifically for your business needs allowing customers to find, research and contact you.


Many companies say that they understand the way small business operates, but in today’s tough economy it is difficult to decide who can be trusted with your hard earned bottom dollar. As a small business we understand the value of hard work and the need to watch the bottom dollar.

The success of your business is the focus of ours.

Daniel Baker
CEO / Owner / Web Developer




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